Every Day Nearly 2,000 People Arrive in Need of Care

Nearly 2,000 people come through the doors of Cook County Health every day. What they all have in common is that they are sick or injured and need good care, and many have few, if any, financial resources. Cook County Health clinics and hospitals are the only healthcare services that welcome everyone regardless of their ability to pay.

Our Goal: That Every Cook County Resident Has the Opportunity to be Healthy

The Cook County Health Foundation's commitment is to make quality and responsive health care accessible to all. Our belief is that every patient, wherever they are from, whatever their need and regardless of whether they can afford to pay, deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and receive the best care, when they need it.

We Partner with Cook County Health to Make that a Reality

The Need is Greater than Many Realize

Of the more than 300,000 patients cared for by Cook County Health each year, nearly half are uninsured and another 40% are covered by Medicaid which only reimburses about 75% of the cost of care. While many people have gained insurance through the Affordable Care Act, not everyone is eligible.

Cook County Health provides care to many people without any reimbursement. As a result, it struggles to sustain the level and quality of care that patients expect and deserve. In addition, Cook County Health does not have the funds to build for the future and to ensure that Cook County Health remains a leader in public health care.

You Make the Difference

The percentage of funds provided by County government is only 3% of the budget.

You many think that tax dollars fill the gap in patient reimbursement and provide funds for building new services and capacity. They do not. In fact, over the years, Cook County Health has worked hard to increase the number of patients who are insured to increase reimbursement and decrease reliance on the County.