Cook County Health Foundation Associate Board

The Cook County Health Foundation’s Associate Board consists of young professionals who work to increase awareness, raise money, and lay the foundation for future philanthropic support of Cook County Health.

The Associate Board’s members support the Cook County Health Foundation by engaging the community through volunteering, fundraising, networking, and advocacy opportunities targeted towards young professionals.


Executive Board

Ashlee Gabrysch - President

Marissa Gaines - Vice President/Interim Chair, Events

Elizabeth Goossen Kalnow - Secretary

Fred Lebed - Treasurer



Matt Bernard - Chair, Development


Stephanie Chanthabane


Ashley DeGarmo


Sylvie Doppelt


Lauren Kadziel


Lindsey Kane - Chair, Volunteering and Partnerships


Mindi Knebel


Kelly Luckasevic


Patrick Manger


Maggie Moran


Nirali Patel


Dana Ringer


Jessica Roch


Neal Shah


Lisa Weichman


Lindsay Zimmerman - Chair, West Side United