Board of Directors

Joseph P. Flanagan, Chair

Joe Flanagan is a successful entrepreneur who after building his own insurance agency is now CEO of Acquirent, Joe is involved in virtually all aspects of the business with his main responsibility as the primary contact for our new business opportunities

Lori Montana, Vice Chair

Lori Montana is president at The DMM Group and is a fundraising consultant.

Abraham Thompson, Vice Chair

Abraham "Abe" Thompson, Jr. is managing principal of Creative One Consulting and President/CEO of Partnership Radio. He has along history in broadcast, radio and business

Isabelle Goossen, Treasurer

In 2017 Isabelle Goossen retired as the Vice President and CFO of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. She has experience in both the for profit not-for-profit sectors.

Susan Wiemeyer, Secretary



Current Board Members

Brian Bernadoni

William C. Kling

Fred Lebed

Joan Pouleson

Jorge Ramirez

Stephanie Tortorici

Susan Wiemeyer

Associate Board Chair:

Lindsay Zimmerman






Other Members

Legal Counsel:
David T. Brown

Corporate Secretary:                                                                                                                                                                 Michael Rossi