Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a Cook County Health Foundation?

CCHF advocates and raises funds for programs and services that improve quality patient care and meet the health care needs of the communities served by the Cook County Health (CCH). It was developed to help CCH continue to reduce its reliance on public funding while also meeting the health care, teaching and research needs of the future.

Who founded the Foundation?

Warren L. Batts, past chairman of the CCH Board of Directors, recommended launching the Foundation after assessing CCH's ongoing financial needs first hand, in the context of a shrinking tax commitment.

Does the Foundation have a paid staff?

The Foundation is supported by dedicated volunteers from through the Chicago area and relied on their support to assist with the annual gala. The board of directors is in the process of developing a paid position to provide permanent infrastructure.

How do you find and elect board members?

The board nominating committee seeks diverse, talented, civic-minded leaders with the stature and willingness to invest in the System’s future as a leading public patient care, teaching and research institution.

How do you raise funds?

Members of the board reach out to individuals, companies and foundations to share the needs of CCH and seek their collaboration in enhancing the care provided to residents of Cook County. The Foundation hosted its first gala and awards banquet in December 2014. The fifth annual gala will take place in the spring of 2019.

What percentage of funds raised goes directly toward supporting services?

To date, the Foundation has had only nominal operating costs, allowing most of every dollar to go straight to supporting CCHHS. The Foundation goal is to remain ahead of the industry standard in ensuring that its funds provide direct support in line with its mission and goals.

Do Foundation funds replace government funding?

Funds raised by CCHF are supplemental to County government funding. Foundation investments in CCHHS will not only support improved facilities and equipment but also will help advance clinical and educational program development, ensuring that CCHHS can continue to provide up-to-date interventions, teaching and research.