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Cook County Health Foundation is committed to making good health possible for all in Cook County. It partners with Cook County Health to build health equity and assure that those with the most barriers to health care and the fewest resources get the care they need. In 2021, the Foundation is raising funds to support three key areas of investment at Cook County Health that are critical to building health equity across Cook County.

Providing Best-In-Class Training

In 2021, the Foundation will support increased education and training efforts which will help Cook County Health become best in its class. The Foundation will also invest in initiatives that engage youth in education, skill-building and hands-on experiences to encourage more young people of color to enter the health care field.

Leveling the Playing Field

To be healthy, everyone needs a foundation from which to build. That includes nutritious food, safe housing, transportation, adequate income, and spaces for recreation and exercise. Unfortunately, for many residents of Cook County, these basics are beyond reach. The Foundation will support innovative initiatives and partnerships to help address these disparities for our most vulnerable patients.

Bridging the Technology Divide

Cutting edge technology and equipment are critical tools of an effective health care system. From specialized diagnostic and surgical equipment, to tablets and laptops that facilitate communication among providers and with patients, these tools are essential to achieving positive health outcomes. The Foundation will invest in targeted technology and equipment at health system sites and will support efforts to ensure patients have the connectivity and tools to communicate with providers and manage their health.


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