Feeding the Gap

In 2018, patients with diabetes and heart disease participated in more than 100,000 visits with physicians at Cook County Health. While these diseases can result in the need for intensive care, as when people have heart attacks, generally they are chronic and can be managed. The first step to managing these diseases is a healthy diet. However, many people don’t understand what a healthy diet is – what foods to eat, in what quantities, how to best prepared them, etc. There is a gap in knowledge.

To help close this gap, Cook County Health, together with some of Chicago’s top community chefs and the team at our Lifestyle Centers, has created a cookbook filled with simple, healthy recipes made from accessible ingredients. We believe that every person, no matter who they are, where they come from, or how much experience they have in the kitchen, deserves to be healthy.

In addition to this cookbook, Cook County Health Lifestyle Centers are helping close the Nutrition Gap by offering nutrition education, meal planning, and exercise classes to community members as well as several programs to help the 30% of Cook County Health patients who lack access and resources to food to be able to eat a healthy diet on a consistent basis.

Help Feed the Nutrition Gap.

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