Everyone Deserves the Opportunity to Be Healthy

Cook County Health Foundation is committed to expanding and improving health care for those with the fewest resources through support of our public health system. Through education, fundraising and advocacy, the Foundation helps build the system's capacity to meet the needs of all of Cook County residents.

Serving 300,000+ a Year

More than 300,000 people count on Cook County Health for care each year with services ranging from primary care and management of chronic illnesses to surgery and serious injury.

45% of Patients are Uninsured

On average, 45% of the system's patients are uninsured and have no options for care. Our public health system is always there for them regardless of their ability to pay.

1 Million Annual Patient Visits

Cook County Health's doctors, nurses and pharmacists carry out nearly 1 million patient visits each year with a focus on helping people not only recover but maintain their health.

Why We Help

For nearly 200 years, Cook County Health has cared for all who enter its doors with commitment, compassion, and quality.

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45% of the health system's patients are uninsured. This means covering the costs of care and innovating for the future are difficult.

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Your investment in the Foundation helps assure that every Cook County resident has the opportunity to be healthy.


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