Seeking a Better Future

Posted on September 22, 2020 View the blog

To date, more than 2,500 asylum seekers have arrived on buses from Texas, not
knowing where they were being sent or what they should expect. They have left
Venezuela, Central American countries, or Mexico, trying to escape violence, poverty,
and hopelessness. Their hope – a safe home for themselves and their families, work,
education, and the opportunity to build a productive future.

Cook County Health has welcomed them at its Belmont Cragin Health Center, providing
health screenings, vaccinations, care for current health conditions and more. Of the
2,500 who have arrived, 32% have been children. CCH staff has carried out more than
4,000 patient visits with asylum seekers.

And, Cook County Health, in collaboration with the Foundation, has also offered these
newcomers needed basic goods: diapers, blankets, underwear, Tshirts, socks,
sweatpants, snacks and more. Most asylum seekers arrive with just one plastic bag –
one or two pieces of clothing, their important documents, a small memento or two from
home. Thanks to the help of many donors, the Foundation has been able to provide
thousands of items and continues to order clothing and needed goods to meet the need.

As it gets colder, the asylum seekers, whether children or adults, need heavier clothing
– sweatshirts, sweatpants, jeans, shoes, jackets, items they neither had nor needed in
their home countries.

As we approach Thanksgiving, please consider showing your gratitude with a gift of
items from our Amazon Wishlist by clicking HERE or give a financial contribution to the
Foundation to purchase closing needed personal items for the asylum seekers. Please donate HERE.