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Posted on July 29, 2020 View the blog

Don’t Skip Preventative Care During COVID-19!

Even though our health focus over the past four months has been the Coronavirus, our other health issues haven’t gone away! Most of us, however, have not been to see our doctors, and many of us have not checked in with them.

From managing chronic conditions, like diabetes, renal and heart disease, to our annual physicals and scheduling appointments for flu shots, our preventative care in important to our continued good health.

It’s a new age in health care. Monitoring blood pressure, glucose levels, physician follow-up and more can be done via telehealth. Most health systems, including Cook County Health, are using telehealth to sustain patients’ care and carry out visits. You can check in regarding your chronic issues, discuss a new issue and, depending on the platform your health provider uses, you may event be able to look at Xray’s and images to discuss treatment options. All in tightly secured environments. Monitoring your health at home using blood pressure monitors and glucose testing will help your doctor track your health remotely.

For those with children, don’t forget their ongoing care either! It’s time for vaccinations in preparation for school and for annual physicals.

Finally, as health systems now are offering elective procedures and more ongoing appointments, we need to be aware of and adhere to their enhanced safety measures at their facilities: wearing masks; sitting at least 6 feet apart in waiting areas; and having our temperatures taken when entering the facilities. Health care systems are taking extra measures to keep their facilities safe – cleaning, sanitizing, clearly identifying directions for moving throughout the facility, etc. We need to do our part.

While we wait for the development of a vaccine for COVID-19, let’s not forget to take care of all our routine health needs and those of our family members too!